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The traditional Japanese diet protects women from cognitive decline…but not men!

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The traditional Japanese diet features foods such as rice, fish, and shellfish. A new study suggests that this diet is associated with a significant reduction in age-related brain shrinkage (a marker of cognitive decline and dementia), but only in women.

The risk of cognitive decline and dementia is associated with both non-modifiable (eg genetic predisposition) and modifiable (eg smoking and activity) factors physicalphysical and nutrition). For example, several studies have addressed the benefits of the Mediterranean diet on cognitive health.

Advantage for women

A new study published in Nutrition magazine He suggests that the traditional Japanese diet – which may be one of the secrets to longevity among centenarians in southern Japan – may protect women's brains from age-related degeneration, compared to the typical Western diet. Age-related brain atrophy is a common sign of cognitive decline and dementia. On the other hand, the results showed no relationship between eating habits and brain atrophy in men.

Researchers from the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Aichi (Japan) and the University of Liverpool (UK) analyzed data from a large study on aging. A total of 1,636 Japanese people aged 40 to 89 years were followed for two years. Participants recorded everything they ate and drank over three days (including quantity), revealing three different diets: a traditional Japanese diet, a typical Western diet, and a diet rich in plants and dairy.

The traditional Japanese diet features foods such as rice, FishFish And the OystersOysters (And also fruit). In addition, traditional Japanese foods include miso (paste SoySoy fermented) AlgaeAlgaethe picklespicklesgreen tea, soy, GermsGerms Soy and MushroomsMushrooms. Followers of this diet consume little red meat and coffee.

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