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The United Arab Emirates flies to Venus

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The The United Arab Emirates They are more and more involved in the conquest of space. As proof of this, they have just announced a project to launch a spacecraft to Venus in 2028.

In February, the first Arab country succeeded in putting the Hope probe into orbit around Mars. Thus, it became the fifth country to deploy a spacecraft to study the Red Planet. According to its space agency, the instrument transmits images of the planet’s atmosphere and its layers. Private sector companies will participate in the upcoming planetary mission for the UAE.

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The goal is to get more money in order to accelerate scientific research and exploration projects.

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The UAE is investing in the future

According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, the country has its eye on the stars, and progress has no limits or limits. The Hope probe sent to Mars generated an outlay of $200 million. The first Arab nation to invest for future generations. All space-related projects would effectively create new opportunities for young people. With this in mind, the country plans to conduct a new interplanetary mission involving another space probe.

In the beginning, the latter It will head towards Venus After its scheduled launch in 2028 before reaching the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars around 2030. Note that this region is responsible for producing most of the meteorites heading towards Earth.

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The spacecraft will perform gravity-assist maneuvers when it finds itself in orbit around Venus. However, it would need effective thermal protection because the planet is only a few tens of millions of kilometers from the sun.

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Progress knows no bounds

Sarah Al Amiri, head of the UAE Space Agency, announced that the country plans to continue progressing in the field of innovation. Therefore, the first Arab country intends to participate more in space exploration. Financially, the country is able to employ great means to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

The Emirates Mars (EMM) mission was a complex undertaking that required six years of work. It was more difficult than simply deploying a satellite around the Earth.

After the successful launch of the Hope Probe, the UAE does not intend to stop there. We should know that this spacecraft was built domestically. Launched from Japan. Hope traveled for 7 months before waiting for her target. It will remain in orbit around Mars to collect basic data.

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