The “vaccine syndrome” worries some doctors, but what is it?

“Vaccine syndrome” worries some clinicians, as they feel relaxed, slack off new vaccinations and very quickly give up barrier signals. For the professionals, even if they are vaccinated, you still have to be careful to protect others but you also against Covid-19.

Benjamin Davido, an infectious disease specialist at Garches Hospital, told Paris to watch for more and more ‚ÄúThis kind of patient. They see their first dose as a totem, while all the first antibodies do not appear until after two weeks and then gradually climb up. ”.

Same notes by Jean-Michel Constantine, Secretary General of the French Society of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, in Paris: “Since the vaccination started, there have been a large number of infections and he has been hospitalized after the first dose. I’m still entering a patient recently in this case, he says. There are no resuscitation waves, but they are indicative of a state of mind. Very quickly at barrier gestures. “

Continue to apply the barrier gestures

The immunomodulatory and symptom-preventive effects of vaccination are not effective within 15 days of the injection of the first dose. Full and lasting protection comes two weeks after the injection of the second dose. So we must continue to apply barrier gestures during this period and even after that. According to early studies, even though a person who was vaccinated appears less contagious, they can still transmit the infection to other people.

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