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These frequent pitfalls to push back quickly

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And since its reign period is also short, no matter how human this memory is, it is doubtful that it is taken here by default.

There were English equations, of course, and variants of the kind We were not good.

The bad, the Canadian was downright bad on Wednesday night in front of the Senators with a 5–1 loss to Ottawa.

Case name, we were bad. that easyCoach summed up.

In support of the disc holder? Bad.

In reviving the attack? Bad.

In one-on-one fights? Bad.

Stop, it will make him angry.

To grant proceeds and assignment of pocket ownership to a deductible at a low cost? Ah this, for example.

The Canadian had five good chances to score throughout the match according to Natural Stat Trick, and only two in the first 40 minutes when the match was still within his reach.

This is all against an opponent who was already knocked out, but it was a tough time for the Habs throughout the season. It was also the sixth Senate victory in ten matches against CH. An opponent leaves plenty of room for young people who seem to be having fun as much as they did on their first visit to the waterslides, and who of course play without pressure in an ideal context of gaining experience.

This all works in their favor. Montreal, for its part, needs three points to secure its play-off qualification, and it would have made it impossible for its rivals by going two points tonight. Even if his participation in the disqualification is guaranteed for all practical purposes, there is still a quota for Al-Kindy.

Maybe his head was elsewhere? In Toronto, for example, the Maple Leafs awaits them with their feet on the sofa for a double program on Thursdays and Saturdays. Papers that the Canadian can meet very well in the first qualifying round. Unless he prefers to cross with the Oilers who will visit the Bell Center in two matches next week.

More meaningful matches. It would be a human being to have a wandering mind like that. Geoff Petrie disagreed.

I don’t think we should have thought this way if that was the case for some men. We knew they were going to compete. They worked hard and we were not prepared to match their efforts. It can’t happen at this time of year. You cannot play a game full of bad habits. We have to tighten that up and make sure we’re at our best if we want to build momentum before we reach the playoffs.Shoot down the cannons.

Let’s talk about these bad habits elsewhere.

next one

For the fifth time in a row, the Canadian allowed the first goal to be scored. Incredibly, he won three of four matches before night. Incredibly, during the entire season, the team only had two wins before this happy streak.

Why is this slow departure?

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I have no explanationJosh Anderson said.

However, this kind of discrepancy has its limits, which was seen Wednesday night.

The good news: Al-Kindi will be able to fast forward with this duel the next day against Toronto.

The Day After Duel is the best way to forget about the previous day’s mistake.

Unless the main problem for this team at this point in the season is fatigue – which is quite possible given their hectic schedule – in this case, the start of the match could be just as complicated against a team rested and ready for a fight after allowing the victory slip in Montreal on Monday night.

Petrie believes there isn’t much to gain from this game. At least he wouldn’t have time.

We will not have time to think about this. We just have to make sure we are ready on time.

Quote from:Geoff Petrie

After a few minutes, Ducharme qualified.

You are the Giveaways not exactly. We must use this to find an answer and go back [jeudi soir]He explained, adding that he would indulge his players in a video session of the aforementioned meeting.

Al Kindy still makes the impression he entered the playoffs from the back door. Take advantage of the weakness of the Canadian section to sneak in. Every time he proposes an improvement, a team that has finally pulled together all the beautiful puzzle pieces at their disposal, the amorphous displays recall the complex identity of this silly version.

Colleague Marc Antoine Godin on Twitter highlighted a startling statistic. Excluding the first ten matches of the season where CH amassed a 7-1-2 championship record, including four wins against Canucks, the Senators have since set a better record, 44 points to 41.

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Admittedly, the schedule is tough. It is also true that the Canadian plays these days without, not the least, six of his key players.

Without wanting to pursue the brave and talented senses that will soon make them suffer, it is troubling after all.

CH can’t count on Cole Caufield to save the day every night. Either way, we should at least give him access to additional time to do so.

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