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Things to know about burgers

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We are currently in the middle of burger week, foodies are preparing to feast at the different restaurants that will participate in this year’s traditional burger week starting from 1Verse Until September 10, 2022.

But if you like burgers so much, you may not know much about it. Its origin, its nutritional intake, among others. Find out in our Friday Gourmand section some things you might not know about burgers.

Is there a difference between a burger and a hamburger

Absolutely: burger is derived from hamburger and they refer to the same thing. It’s really just a matter of words. It’s the same food, imaginatively, basically, from the same recipes. So a hamburger or a burger is the same treatment.

The origin of the name “burger” or (hamburger)

Many Americans claim to invent the burger. But the most famous isa story The Menches Brothers. This dates back to 1885 during an exhibition in Hamburg, a city located in New York. The Minch brothers, Frank and Charles participated in the activity. After they ran out of sausages for their sandwiches, to make up for it, they had a great idea to replace the sausages with ground beef. No longer sandwiches, they immediately christened them by calling them hamburgers, in honor of the city of Hamburg.

It can make you fat

Although burgers are one of the most consumed fast foods in the world, they are not highly recommended by health experts. Nutrition expert Cyril Gauthier warns us clearly: Hamburgers should not be invited regularly on our plate He believes that the high amount of calories this food contains are very few in terms of nutritional value. So if we eat it a lot, welcome obesity.

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In predisposed people, its repeated, long-term consumption can lead to the development of metabolic syndrome with overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes, excess cholesterol and a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Cyril explains.

However, if you can not resist, you can always prefer homemade burgers. By preparing it at home, you will beMake sure to add the ingredients of your choice, and you’ll know exactly what you’re going to eat. It is wiser and more economical.

But it doesn’t hurt to occasionally want to go out for a night out at a restaurant with friends or family. The important thing is not to give up too much because you realize that overdoing everything is bad, so think about your health.

Happy burger week everyone, and we wish you a happy weekend!



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