This Apple Watch band allows you to make video calls

This is arguably the most amazing accessory ever released for the Apple Watch. The wrist camera is a bracelet that allows the watch to make… video calls. Straight from the wrist!

The Wrist Camera is unlike any other Apple Watch strap. If the accessory is really thick, it’s for good reason: it includes no less than two video sensors, and one camera that allows you to photograph the world around you from your wrist, while the other is used for video calls!

What is merging into the watch?

The external sensor is 8 megapixels, compared to the 2 megapixels for the camera for calls. Last year, when the product was introduced, it simply made it possible to record videos and take pictures, without having to draw the smartphone all the time. An update (beta) allows the app to make video calls.

Credit: Wrist Camera

Apple hasn’t adapted FaceTime to its connected watch, so it will have to go through the app wrist camera From which we can launch Visios. Additionally, developers who wish to do so will be able to incorporate this technology into their own applications. Thus we can imagine that Zoom or Teams can be used with the Apple Watch … a dream or a nightmare, it remains to be seen!

The bracelet, which weighs only 22 grams, is water-resistant: so it can be taken to the edge of the pool without any worries. Everything will be $299, which isn’t that pricey compared to other Apple Watch straps that can be pricey (and don’t have cameras).

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The next step now is to integrate the video sensors directly into the watches. Apple has so far resisted it, but not dead: According to rumors, the first smart watch From the previous Facebook It can hold two cameras…

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