This gigantic cruise ship has been completed and will go straight to the scrap yard

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In recent years, many companies have gone bankrupt due to the Covid-19 crisis. The German manufacturer MV Werften is one of these companies. The Global Dream II, still under construction, would end up being canceled when it was due to become one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

MV Werften filed for bankruptcy in early 2022. Since then, its three operating ships have been sold to competitors. On the other hand, Global Dream II did not find a buyer. Length 340 meters It can accommodate up to 9000 passengersthis is Cruise ship It will be canceled. The company has notably announced that the hull of the boat, which weighs more than 200,000 tonswill be sold at scrap prices while the engines and miscellaneous equipment are expected to be sold separately.

The fate of the World Dream, the second World Dream twin, remains uncertain. It is fully operational and is currently floating in the port of Wismar on the Baltic Sea. Unlike the twin, this machine was of interest to many buyers. However, if he does not find a buyer quickly, it is very likely that he will also end up in the scrap yard.

Finally, MV Werften will be acquired by ThyssenKrupp, the German steel group. This one would plan to transform the warshipyards.

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