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This Google app has been downloaded 10 billion times

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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We are no longer introducing Google, one of the GAFAMs and a true tech giant. The Mountain View company also focuses on hardware (in pixels, for example) compared to the program. It must be said that we owe the company the Android mobile operating system and other popular applications (Gmail, YouTube, etc.). But Google also has one of the most popular GPS: Google Maps. and on Play StoreThe program has just reached the main stage of 10 billion downloads as reported by 9to5google. Potential success thanks to its precise functionality and advanced mapping. Without a doubt one of the best apps. And we know that even iOS device users often choose Maps instead of Apple’s solution.

Google Maps is a hit with Android users – Credit(s): Pixabay

This large number is not surprising. Google Maps is offered as a basic app, and it’s available for free. It joins other programs that have reached 10 billion downloads on the Play Store such as Google Play Services and Youtube. Remember that Google Maps makes use of pre-installation on Android smartphones, which is one of the factors that explain its huge success. Note that a lite version of the app called Google Maps Go is available for Android Go smartphones, and entry level models. The latter has reached a huge degree 500 million downloads from the Play Store.

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