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This sci-fi film, anticipated for more than 40 years, has been trashed by critics since its premiere: ‘The whole thing is infinitely ugly’

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The director has been thinking about this film for more than 40 years and it is finally ready to be shown to the public. It was screened on Thursday, May 17th in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival and unfortunately received very poor reviews…

Megalopolis trailer. © American Zoetrope Productions

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Francis Ford Coppola spent 40 years developing this sci-fi film called Megalopolis, which he had to finance out of his own pocket. The long-range front part of the largest attendant of Année, the car and the large fait that the IDée trotte in the tête du réalisateur depuis quater decennies, il s’agit also de son’s premier film en tant réalisateur depuis Twixt, sorti. In 2012.

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In this film, the new city of Rome must change completely after disaster strikes. This creates a conflict between Cesare Catiline (played by Adam Driver), an architect with the power to stop time, and Mayor Franklin Cicero. The former dream of a utopian future while the latter remain too wedded to a reactionary status quo that protects greed, privilege, and private militias. The daughter of the city mayor and pilot Giulia Cicero, who falls in love with Cesare Catilina, is torn between the two men.

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An emotional project, without passion, with a disturbing superficiality

The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, May 17, 2024, and although it received a 7-minute standing ovation, it greatly disappointed critics.

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I can’t say I was always enthralled throughout the two or so hours of the movie, but I was always curious about where the movie was going.“, we can read in the Hollywood Reporter. For The Guardian, Megalopolis is “Mega swollen“,”Very boring“, and this is “An emotional project without passion, with a disturbing superficialityFor her part, Liberation describesThe peplum is unbeatable and futuristic, with real pieces of magic in it“, while for Le Parisien,”The whole thing is pretty ugly, including the special effects that seem to come from a manipulated computer in the 1970s“.

We hope that it will achieve greater success with the audience when it is released in theaters.

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