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This successful trilogy of science fiction films is finally coming to stream

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triple multiplication Divergent arrives on Prime Video on July 4th. An opportunity for science fiction fans to discover or rediscover these three films that are very popular with fans.

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Triple fans forked will be happy. In fact, the films are adapted from Veronica Roth’s trilogy on Prime Video on July 4th. Released in 2014, the first part depicts post-apocalyptic Chicago. The population is divided into five distinct parts: the honest, the intellectual, the brotherly, the bold, and the altruistic. At the age of sixteen, Beatrice or Tris, who spent her childhood with influencers, has to choose her clan by passing aptitude tests. But it is extremely rare, it is not conclusive. She has tendencies for three clans, which makes her dangerous in the eyes of the government. It was forked and prosecuted. The young girl hides her secret and joins the Dauntless clan who are undergoing training to control their fears…

forked : Who acts in the movie?

If success forked Because of its history, the cast has also allowed films to act. Shailene Woodley is the Three Star forked. Play the role of Tris. Prior to these films, the actress had already been seen in a few series before she got the first role in the series. The secret life of an ordinary teenage girl. It will last for five seasons. Director Alexander Payne noticed her and made her play George Clooney’s daughter Grandsons in 2011. Besides him, Theo James, known before forked For his role in the epic the underworld Or Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet.

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forked : Does a fourth film see the light of day?

The cinema epic is planned to conclude in two parts: the first with the release of spaced 3 and then spaced 4. This is the fourth opus, which should have been called Progressive And it was released in 2017, which unfortunately will never see the light of day. Faced with the box office failure of the third installment of the saga (the film recorded 179 million receipts worldwide on a budget of $110 million, nearly half the receipts of the two largest), Lionsgate Studios announced it was ending the franchise on the big screen and thus canceling a planned fourth installment production. to her.

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