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This widely circulated image shows the harmful effects of the sun over a period of nearly 40 years

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Every year as summer approaches, blocking messages Follow each other to educate the public about Solar energy dangersinterspersed with a series of Tips to protect him. And for good reason, More than 80% of skin cancers are linked to excessive sun exposure. After the summer period, which requires special attention, it is advisable to remain vigilant Throughout the year. This is more true if you work outdoors, and children are likely to increase outdoor activities or if you have a low light pattern consistent with very white skin, blonde or red hair, and light eyes.

This is what was just shown by a screenshot posted on social networks by a Dermatologist in New York State, Dr. Avi Peterman. we can see The face and neck of a 92-year-old woman A priori, it is not enough to create an event on a social network. Originally from Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and VenereologyWhich he uses as an example to illustrate a report titled “Research on Aging: Rethinking Primary Skin Cancer Prevention”The photo actually depicts sun damage Four decades.

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