Through the eyes of Anna Peopre Molonda

In this book, nine actresses and comedians share short, funny and touching texts about their father.

In a skilful way, Anna Beaupré Moulounda presents the tortuous journey her relationship made with her father Clothaire Moulounda, an iconic character from Abitibi Timsekamming, who passed away in 2018.

I am honest and very humble in life, Refers to Mrs. Beaupré Moulounda. But really there, it was like a little cry from the heart. I really wanted to share this story. Peut-être que les gens vont découvrir mon père d’une autre façon, je partage un petit bout de notre histoire (…) Le montrer d’une autre façon, en toute humilité dans cette relation imparfaite, dans deux humains les qu ‘We were The author trusts.

Anna Peopre Molonda loved playing sports. In a few months’ time, she plans to release an improved version of her script.

I wanted to share my story because I told myself that I am definitely not the only one who has had a complicated relationship with her father. (…) So, give a little hope. Share my experience. Trying to do good through it all. It was my humble intentionDetermines the artist.

In my father’s eyes Found in libraries. It was published by Éditions Hugo et Cie Québec.

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