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Tidal turbines connected to a floating platform produce enough power to power 150 homes

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Sustenb Marine, a Canadian company founded in 2012, recently announced the launch of a project to provide electricity to nearly 150 homes on Brearer Island, Nova Scotia. Electric power is supplied by a floating platform equipped with six offshore turbines. The facility is in the Bay of Fundy. According to a company spokesperson, this type of initiative is an important step in efforts to empower small communities independent energyUsing the renewable natural resources at their disposal. In fact, this is the first A project of this kind in Canada.

Designed to be easy to maintain

The platform on which the turbines are installed extends approximately 10 metres. Electricity is generated, as shown Kelly SampsonDirector of Operations with Sustainable Marine, by harnessing the tidal power generated by “Four rivers in the world flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy”. Recognizing the fact that the current can be devastating in this area, the team thought about facilitating access to infrastructures so as not to complicate repairs. It is for this reason that a floating platform was chosen. In fact, by adopting such a concept, the Canadian company wants to ensure that It can be anchored if necessary.

PLAT-I 6.40 is an innovative tidal energy system. It was specifically designed for the Fundy Ocean Research for Energy (FORCE) and produces 50% more power than its predecessor, the PLAT-I 4.63. Image credit: Sustainable Marine Energy Co., Ltd.

Extensive Tests

You should know that Sustainable Marine has been testing its equipment since 2016. In addition to the purpose of evaluating its performance, tests have been carried out to determine its environmental impact. At the end of this stage, the company claims that it has not recorded any incident. “Our environmental monitoring system includes everything from echometers and sonars to pulse meters and tag readers.”Sampson said. And to add: “Actually we haven’t seen any damage in anything so far.” It turns out that the turbines generate water movement Which automatically expels animals.

Extensive cooperation

The Bay of Fundy tidal turbine proves once again that this technology is a boon for meeting our energy needs. According to the explanations Jason Hyman, CEO of Sustainable Marine, the concept requires collaboration between all parties involved to realize its full potential. In this regard, the project benefited, for example, from financial support amounting to $28.5 million from the Canadian government. This representsOne of the most important investments ever in the country in the tidal energy sector.

Boat equipped with several floating turbines
Boat equipped with several floating turbines. Image credit: Sustainable Marine Energy Co., Ltd.

“The Nova Scotia government is committed to fighting climate change and ensuring our province transitions to a clean economy. Clean and renewable energy is our future, and our tides are a key resource in our transition to a zero-zero future. I would like to commend Sustainable Marine for its work in bringing clean and renewable energy into homes. across the province. Through this project, they are helping Nova Scotia move toward a sustainable and prosperous future that will benefit all Nova Scotia residents and contribute to the health of our environment and our planet.” Nova Scotia Minister – Environment and Climate Change Timothy Hallman

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