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Time X: Take a look at the Bogdanov brothers’ science fiction show

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Grichka Bogdanov, a member of the media duo he formed with his twin brother Igor, known in particular for hosting the science fiction program “Temps X” that aired from 1979 to 1987, passed away on Tuesday, December 28 in Paris, at the age of 72. his agent.

“Amid the love of his family and loved ones, Grichka Bogdanov passed away peacefully to join his co-stars,” his family wrote in a statement. Like his brother Igor, Grichka has a doctorate in physics and mathematics, is a writer, but also a television presenter where he will remain one of the symbols of popularization of science.

The two brothers rode on the planetary success of George Lucas’ Star Wars movie released two years earlier. At the age of 30, the brothers in April 1979 launched a veritable UFO onto the French audiovisual scene: “Temps X,” a groundbreaking program filled with special effects that provided a reflection on The main themes of science fiction (from rockets to clones via Minitel, etc.).

In a mix of cosmonauts and in the setting of a Star Trek spacecraft (led by Frank Dubosek), Igor and Grechka received numerous guests over the nine seasons there and showcased proactive productions such as “The Machine. Translate”, “Magic Spelling” or the Astronomical Computer.

Internet early

Télé Star points out that the twins, for example, will have announced at the beginning of January 1980 the next birth of a global network for the exchange of information to which they will baptize the “Internex”, while the Internet will not be officially born until a decade later.

The magazine, whose music neighbor Jean-Michel for the credits, also reported on the future but also of discovering great series such as Le Prisonnier, La Quatrième Dimension, Doctor Who, Cosmos 1999, Beyond Real or even Astrolab 22, thus capturing the attention of millions of sci-fi fans and anticipation.

At the same time, the Bogdanov brothers showed 2002 – The Odyssey of the Future in 1982, and Future in 1989. The last issue of Temps X will be broadcast on June 27, 1987.

Later, the most famous PAF twins will be back on air with their “X-rays” – or rather their avatars in computer-generated images – from 2002 to 2007 in France 2, and then actually in “Science X” in 2008 and 2009.

They will also present on the public channel between 2010 and 2011 the collection “A deux pas du futur”, a collection of scientific documentaries. Are we alone in the universe? What does our brain hide? Or what if we became immortal? This group’s ambition was to highlight the fact that contemporary science would soon be the source of massive changes that would upset our daily lives.

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