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The Congolese Rumba star, General Divau, has died

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General Divau died on Monday in Cameroon after suffering a malaise. Must have turned 63 years old on December 31. This talented musician arrived there last week to give a private concert.

With our correspondent in KinshasaAnd Leader Mozimbe Leader

Lulindo Matomona, whose real name was, died in a clinic in Douala. According to the Kinshasa daily, ref plusThe artist could have been a victim of a medical complication: diabetes mellitus COVID-19. As soon as he arrived in Cameroon, he fainted and was immediately transferred to the La Quintini Medical Center.

A talented musician who made all of Africa dance, witness Tom Mbiana, the great and inconsolable shepherd today. The latter refers to some of the successful titles that General Défao had to interpret such as Radio trottoir, Famille Kikuta or Amour scolaire.

He started the music in 1976 in Matadi in neighborhood groups. Between 1983 and 1991, the man reached the heights of Zaku Wawa and Chuck Stars before founding Big Stars, his own group, in 1991.

General Devau also sang with other celebrities such as Carlito and Dibaba. His duet with singer Mpelia Belle, initiated by the late Cimaru Lutumba Ndomanoino, will be remembered by many longtime music lovers.

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