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I am a very active man and I wanted responsibility [quotidienne]. If it takes two hours to feed me [20] Chicken and give water, but that’s what it will takeHe says, he didn’t push himself into the lengthy fitness process he started in the summer of 2016.

During the fall of 2015, Marcel found himself bedridden for several weeks after being ejected from a side-by-side vehicle while hunting.

In the hospital, the x-ray was visible: two visible fractures of the T11 and T12 thoracic vertebrae, located in the lower back, and a fracture of the L1 lumbar vertebra.

T12 collapsed, nothing was left, the surgeon removed the small crumbs with forcepssays the 33-year-old, denouncing the pain that still bothers him after all these years.

A goat trying to kiss the farmer.

Marcel Forget goat trying to give him a kiss.

Photo: Radio Canada/Jimmy Chabot

Last weekend I spent three days in bed. I couldn’t move. I got caughtExplaining why he couldn’t work sitting at a desk.

His previous job planning the project helps him know when he’ll need labor on the farm because he can’t guarantee he’ll be at his best every day.

A man shows us some missiles.

A few minutes before our arrival, Marcel Forget had received fifty Bolts. Application submitted in January.

Photo: Radio Canada/Jimmy Chabot

There is always family support, neighbors, it’s a sense of community. I have dozens of clients who if you call them in the morning and say, “Hey gang, I really need your help,” they’ll come. »

Quote from Marcel Lance, farmer

This summer, he embarked on a project of raising 700 broiler chickens, one hundred laying hens, fifty turkeys, and sixty pigs.

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hip grower

Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, Marcel Forget is under the pseudonym Rubber Boots Farm. He documents the different stages of his agricultural projects.

It takes seven months to grow a pork tenderloin or a steak of bacon, and there’s a lot to showmocks, sprinkles a little humor in his posts.

A man with his pig.

Marcel, all smiles, with raising pigs.

Photo: Radio Canada/Jimmy Chabot

Show behind the scenes all kinds of little stories, nonsense; Children jumping on a tractor or chickens running after miceHe says.

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