Tom Brady is opposed to the new number options

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is not happy with the new rule that gives some players more room to pick a new number.

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Florida coaching hub used his Instagram account to make his point.

“Good luck preventing the right players now,” he wrote. It will create a lot of bad football matches. “

Brady even allowed himself a second position, in order to really show his dissatisfaction.

“Why not let the linen workers wear what they want too? Why do we have numbers? We can only have colored jackets. Why don’t they all have the same number? Fool.”

The new regulations will allow players in different positions to change their numbers during the 2021 season. The new odds will be defined as follows: 1 to 19 for midfielders, in addition to accurate kicks and shots; 1-49 and 80-89 for ball carriers, wide receivers and narrow ends; 1 to 49 for defensive appearances; 1 to 59 and 90 to 99 full-backs; 50 to 79 offensive navigators; 50 to 79 and 90 to 99 for defensive sailors.

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