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Top 10 Crypto-Friendly Banks In Canada

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With regards to cryptocurrency investment, identifying a trustworthy bank to work with is critical. As a Canadian, you need to understand which banks will make the process easy and which will create difficulties. However, avoiding the subpar selections should be rather simple after reading this post, so let’s begin!

Evaluating and choosing crypto-friendly banks might be difficult since you’ll have to consider all of the varied fees and rewards that come with them; this is why reading a guide like this is usually recommended, especially for novices. Bitsgap bots can be very useful and automated trading bots in this process.

What Is A “Crypto-Friendly” Bank?

Banks aren’t always your greatest friend when it comes to investing in the cryptocurrency market and getting your money onto exchanges. They would like you to remain around and trade with them via regular stocks and things, therefore some may limit or completely prohibit crypto transactions.

Dealing with a bank that is recognised to be receptive to crypto investors eliminates the risk of your deposits being declined by the bank. Some banks simply reject cryptocurrency payments as they have a “no cryptocurrency” policy, while many are accommodating and forgiving. This article will help you a lot, especially if you’ve just dipped your toes in cryptocurrency.

Top Crypto-Friendly Banks in Canada

Here we’re providing you with 10 crypto-friendly banks that support buying cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re in search of a crypto-friendly bank in Canada, this article will make you choose your favourite crypto bank that suits your needs. So, let’s dive into them.

1. Toronto-Dominion University (TD)

Toronto Dominion (formerly known as TD Canada Trust) is perhaps the most crypto-friendly, allowing account users to acquire cryptocurrency through eTransfer, credit/debit card, or wire transfer. They’ve indicated that they routinely disregard their regulations to offer optimum safety for their customers and TD and that while credit purchases for cryptocurrency have been authorised, they will be authorized after manual inspection.

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Lowest priced Checking account Account: TD Minimum Chequing Account ($3.95/month + extra costs).

2. National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada is enthusiastically embracing the cryptocurrency boom, explicitly allowing consumers to invest in cryptocurrencies through any of their monetary services. This means you may fill your account on exchange platforms using eTransfer, bank transfer, or credit/debit card without fear of being blocked.

National Bank has widely covered cryptocurrency in recent years, and it appears that they are trying to be one of the leading banks in the global financial market when it comes to the adoption of technological advancements.

The Minimalist ($3.95/month + extra costs) is the most affordable checking account.

3. Coast Capital

Coast Capital offers consumers to trade cryptocurrencies with confidence and does not restrict any transactions; you may buy it by various payment methods such as eTransfer, wire transfer, credit card, or debit card. Not only that, but they’ve demonstrated a willingness to develop and collaborate with new technologies by recently announcing the inclusion of expanded digital services via the nCino platform. Their dedication to keeping adaptable and adapting to client requirements is impressive, and it suggests that they might be a powerhouse to observe in the coming years!

Personal Checking Account ($0/month) is the cheapest checking account.

4. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

CIBC allows investors to use a debit card for making cryptocurrency transactions, but you can also make payments using eTransfer and wire transfer methods. Some transactions may be rejected, while others will be processed after being validated by an authorized entity, you cannot acquire crypto assets with a credit card at CIBC (as usual).

Everyday Checking account Account ($4.00/month + extra costs) is the cheapest checking account.

5. Scotiabank

Scotiabank permits consumers to acquire cryptocurrencies via Debit, eTransfer, and wire transfer if certain conditions are satisfied. You should make payments on an exchange that is headquartered in Canada, otherwise, chances are that it will be rejected but there are lots of fantastic Canadian crypto exchanges to pick from nowadays.

Basic Bank Account ($3.95/month + extra costs) is the cheapest checking account.

6. Royal Bank Of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada permits you to buy cryptocurrencies through eTransfers and Debit cards, but that’s all you have. They recently said that they do not accept wire transfers to crypto exchanges and that clients cannot fund their crypto investments with credit cards.

Most banks think that using a credit card to deposit cryptocurrency payments or their crypto investments in such a speculative environment is risky for clients, and RBC is no exception.

The Essentials ($4.00/month + extra costs) is the cheapest checking account.


HSBC is yet another great option that allows you to deposit your crypto investment in your accounts using any way other than a credit card. This implies that if you have an HSBC account, you may buy Bitcoin through eTransfer, wire transfer, or even debit card.

Performance Chequing ($4.00/month + extra costs) is the cheapest checking account.

8. ATB

ATB has supported cryptocurrencies since at least 2019, and while they are attempting to educate its clients about the hazards connected with cryptocurrency, they continue to enable them to move cash to exchanges and make transactions.

You can make crypto transactions using a Visa-enabled ATB debit card and bank transfers for $5.00 if the amount is less than $999.99. The bank has a policy that anything $1,000+ is free!. As an ATB client, you may easily buy cryptocurrencies via eTransfer.

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Cheapest Savings Account: Chequing Pay As You Go ($0/month)

Manulife Financial Corporation

Manulife has backed cryptocurrency, so the customers can conduct wire transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges through Manulife, but they must first provide exchange information. This is most likely so they can check the validity of the transaction, keeping both their consumers and themselves secure.

The support representative appeared to believe I intended to buy cryptocurrency straight from them, although it’s fair to presume you may also use debit and eTransfer to make transactions.

Chequing Account ($0/month) is the cheapest checking account.


Vancity appears to be on board with the Bitcoin revolution, albeit the customer service representative may have been perplexed. They do accept wire transfers and eTransfers, and it appears that they will not block any transactions provided that the exchange accepts these methods of deposit, you’re fine to go!

Pay As You Go Chequing ($0/month) is the cheapest checking account.


Now that you have got the 10 best crypto-friendly banks to choose from, you can buy or invest in cryptocurrency with trust and confidence. If you want to know more about Canadian crypto banks, visit Crypto is still a new concept and it is not regulated in a majority of the countries. That’s why you should always choose a bank that allows crypto payments to kill the risk of transaction cancellation. As we know the hype and trend of cryptocurrency, we hope that traditional banks will allow crypto payments in the coming years. But for now, you have a variety of crypto-friendly banks to conduct your crypto transactions.

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