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Toulouse: Parc Clinic will become a home for the elderly

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Novaxia Investissement, Icade Promotion and Imring are buying Clinique du Parc in Toulouse from the Ramsay Group for redevelopment into a large residence at the end of 2024.

The consortium of Icade Pormotion, Novaxia Investissement (through its own money) and Imring has signed a partnership to redevelop new mixed real estate operations for four clinics, including Clinique du Parc in Toulouse, Villeurbanne, Jalan, Vaiganières as well as land in Harfleur with Ramsay Group.
The Clinique du Parc project developed by the Toulouse real estate group is located in the Saint-Michel district, rue Achille Viadieu, near the Palais de Justice metro and tram stations, and will eventually offer large housing with 124 rooms, 15 apartments and villas and 240 square meters of shops instead. from the current clinic.

Business start in Spring 2022

Works are scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2022, and handover is expected at the end of 2024. The project will meet the best environmental standards, assure the real estate group specializing in urban recycling, and will be implemented on a rights-a-way of existing buildings without any net soil erosion, i.e. without infringement On any existing green spaces (somewhat reduced in this very urban wellness establishment, editor’s note), with the possibility of refinishing, in accordance with the commitments of Novaxia Investissement and Icade. Novaxia’s task-based laws specify that the company must submit a comprehensive balance sheet of net zero soil synthesis. In 2021, Novaxia Investissement reconfigured 70,000 square meters across all of its projects.

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