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Tourists will see space through a glass dome added to the Crew Dragon capsule

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SpaceX boss Elon Musk in front of the Dragon capsule, May 29, 2014.- JCHONG / AP / SIPA

Even if that means going up really high, you might also enjoy the panoramic view. SpaceXWho promised to send
Tourists In space, I understood that very well. Transportation service
Dragon Crew It will actually host a glass dome at the top of it, allowing it to offer a 360-degree view to its occupants, he notes.
01 net.

Protective cochlear opening

The dome will replace the docking adapter. Elon MuskThe one who announced the change posted a screenshot of the dome on Twitter. This will appear as soon as the shuttle orbits the Earth. For this, the protective cover will have to be opened.

The Crew Dragon shuttle has already been certified by NASA who used it last year 01 net. This version will not be used by the US Space Agency.

Departure next September

The first cruise flight operated by SpaceX will be scheduled for next September Futura Science. The first fully civilian space mission aboard a spacecraft will be piloted and financed by businessman and billionaire Jared Isaacman.

Another man and two women will accompany him. The billionaire is the one who paid for the airfare, believing that they deserve members of American civil society. This inaugural mission, called Inspiration4, will take astronauts on a free three-day flight in Earth orbit at an altitude of 540 kilometers. The dome will be installed on his return.

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