A great free horror game on the Epic Games Store for a limited time

A horror game, the kind that remains popular, even without Silent Hill

Many of you certainly hope to come back Silent Hill license many years ago. With PT, we didn’t go very far. But unfortunately we will have to wait longer, even if some rumors Here and there make us want to believe it.

But that doesn’t mean the survival horror genre is dead. many games able to scare you Just like the Silent Hills of the Great Era. In Sound Mind, you can play for free on the Epic Games Store next week, one of them.

An excellent horror game not to be missed

Released in June 2020, In Sound Mind was impressed with its great atmosphere and great story. The psychological horror game wasn’t without its minor flaws, with technical issues tainting the experience quite a bit. But nothing spoils an exciting and rather long adventure. So we can say you’ll get your money’s worth by rushing into In Sound Mind, but you’re not, because the game will be free on the Epic Games Store next week.

Starting March 17th at 5pm, you can rush into the game developed by We Create Stuff. You will have one week to add it to your library for free. In Sound Mind puzzles and boss battles you may win. and make you want to rub against another class of chiefs, More terrifying and frightening.

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