Training to attract young women to digital technologies

Together with dozens of other young Inoue from Mchtwich, Mia-Guide and Jasmine-Elizabeth continued this training at the Cégep d’Alma headquarters. The two students already have an interest in digital technology.

I play video games a lot and draw on my tablet, adds Mia Guide Paul Lapointe.

This first-of-its-kind training is being overseen by Affordance Studio, a Montreal video game company. The goal is to get more women interested in digital careers.

There is still a very big challenge that women are interested in in digital technology, argues Jose Gaultier, Director of Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovative Paths at COlab. For example, Entrepreneurship, the number of female digital technology entrepreneurs in Canada is 12.6%. So, the number of women with a background in science, technology, and mathematics who are starting a business. It’s not really much.

COlab’s digital entrepreneurship direction and innovative paths confirm that there is still a long way to go to attract young girls into digital-related careers.

Photo: Radio Canada/Laurie Jubel

inspirational models

To inspire students, COlab hired six women from the Montreal Affordance studio.

The professionals started the workshop with a meeting where everyone presented ideas for finding an application.

Through three workshops, we help them develop this idea into an application mockup. They will learn to use Photoshop to make their logo, and they will work in Adobe XD […] At the end of the day we show them how to edit the video to sell their idea, pointing to designer Florence Gerard Laperriere.

Young women are working on several ideas to help members of indigenous communities. When the Radio Canada team went to the filming location, the young girls in High School 1 and High School 3 began to find a common problem.

Mashteuiatsh Women’s Committee is also a partner in this project, which can benefit society.

In addition to setting the app over the weekend, young girls will exclusively watch a video game created by Affordance Studio, in which the main character is Aboriginal.

According to Laurie Jbeil’s report.

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