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Tram: Marie-José Savard accused of not being transparent

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The city had until October 21 to answer questions from the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec (MEQ), which is continuing the environmental assessment of the tram project.

Last spring, the Tramway project office announced the selection of a short tunnel on René-Lévesque Boulevard. The tram will return to the rooftop near Turnbull Street instead of Rue des Érables, which is 500m to the west.

Quebec City, in its decision, informed the Ministry of the effects of this decision on the number of trees to be cut down under three scenarios. In September, the ministry asked the project office to do the same exercise for the entire route between Laval University and Turnbull Street.

Downstream of the city needed

In response to Radio Canada, the ministry confirmed that it received the city’s responses on time, but at the same time emphasized that it is not public unless allowed by Quebec City.

In an opening interview at ICI Première Friday morning, team leader Marie-José Savard first stressed that she could not speak on behalf of the city or the project office before opening the door to the public to reveal data on logging in Rennes. – to visk.

If we told the department that it had answers to all of its questions and that there would be no further discussions, I had no problem, and we never hid anything.

The more information people have, the better. It would not be helpful for us to wish to hide the information.

Quote from:Marie-José Savard, Team Leader Marie-José Savard

At the end of Friday, Quebec City returned the ball to the Department of the Environment. The City asserts that the information is legally no longer owned by it and that publication of such information would be harmful, subject to applicable procedures.Spokesman David O’Brien said in an email response, explaining that the decision rests with the department.

lack of transparency

Far from calming the game, Marie-José Savard’s explanations added fuel to the fire. All of his opponents in the mayor demanded that the answers submitted to the Ministry of the Environment be published before the November 7 elections, regardless of the position of the city or the Quebec government.

The leader of Quebec 21, Jean-François Jocelyn, sees it necessary to discuss the three scenarios studied for the René-Levesque department and their consequences in the public arena. Citizens were deceived in 2017 when his administration hid their intentions regarding the tram project and we definitely don’t want to replay in an old movie from 2017. It’s not Groundhog Day.

Marie-José Savard says she did not attend the recent steering committee meetings due to her status as a mayoral candidate. Therefore, she did not know the content of the information contained in the replies to the Government.

Without being accused of lying, he sued Jean-François Jocelyn There is clearly information out there that Ms. Savard doesn’t want to share.

Bruno Marchand criticizes the outgoing administration candidate for not taking office and too regularly hiding behind a commission. The proud and powerful leader of Quebec is surprised that she doesn’t have the information on her hands. That information she should have. She is the vice president. And it remains in its role until the elections.

There are citizens who want to believe in the trolleybus, but the current obscurity gives them the impression that things are hidden from them.

Quote from:Bruno Marchand, candidate for mayor of Quebec

In Quebec democracy, Jean Rousseau condemns the administration Unable to be transparent. If the scenarios on the table lead to massive deforestation, they should be known.

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It is also believed that Marie José Savard avoided too much commitment to important issues since the beginning of the campaign. The challenge we have with Mrs. Savard is that she does not seem fully aware of what is going on in her department. It looks like a ghost.

Like the other candidates, Quebec’s transition chief Jackie Smith has accused Ms Savard of a lack of leadership. If Ms. Savard can’t persuade her administration to make this important information public, how can she convince residents that she has the leadership for mayor?

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