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Transcend: the many concerns presented in the virtual consultation

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The ministry launched these consultations on January 21. Two periods of virtual consultations are planned this Thursday to better understand citizens’ questions and concerns.

Canadian Pacific (CP) participated in the discussions, and also answered many questions from the participants. Among other things, he stated that the number of level crossings had been increased, that noise barriers would be installed and that cars would be parked in the industrial zone, in the assembly yard, and no longer in Nantes.

the Canadian Pacific He also noted that work is planned to start this spring, if Transport Canada gives the go-ahead.

However, several safety issues have been raised by the Coalition of Citizens and Organizations Committed to Rail Safety, which believes that the initial plan presented by Canadian Pacific Do nothing to reassure them.

The train will cross the industrial area less than 500 feet (150 meters) from the Tafaisa plant. It will pass there at 40 mph (64 km/h)condemns coalition spokesman, Robert Belflor.

The train will run [à cette vitesse] It adds on slopes and curves. These trains will run over 10,000 feet (3 km), and over 200 cars. It started causing a lot of tanks that risk derailing in the industrial area.

« The crucial question is that we actually lost our city center to a runaway train in 2013. In 2022, we don’t want to lose our industrial complex where hundreds and hundreds of workers work. We don’t want to be in danger anymore. »

Quote from Robert Belflor, spokesperson for the Coalition of Citizens and Organizations Committed to Rail Safety

For her part, Stacey Patenaud, Director of Major Infrastructure Projects at Transport Canada, assured us that everything would be safe. The maximum speed limit on the side lane will be in accordance with Transport Canada safety standardsas you say.

Negotiations that advance for some and disrupt others

In order to build its side path, a file . was created Canadian Pacific You must arrive with the sign of the owners quarantine. While some negotiations are going well, others are far from over, with owners disappointed with the $500 compensation for inconvenience and inconvenience on the job.

We got slapped in the face yesterday, and he’s sorry for Sylvain Cottier, a native of Lac Meganique. We got the offer, we didn’t want to and we got it anyway […] It has been said from the outset that the people who have been confiscated will be fairly compensated for this tragedy. We don’t see any of that. And where are the authorities that promised us this in the first place?

« $500… It laughs at people when they say we’re taking a train to your backyard, and you think you’re having a peaceful retirement in a quiet corner. »

Quote from Sylvain Cottier, a native of Lac Megan

To date, Transport Canada has spent $40 million on feasibility studies for this project. Citizens have until February 4 to submit their comments in writing.

With information from Jean Ariel

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