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travel abroad | A third dose of the vaccine will be allowed if needed

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Legault’s government confirmed Saturday that it will “exceptionally” allow people whose dose has not been recognized in some countries to receive a third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, in order to travel. However, you will have to request it.

Henry Owlette Vezina

Henry Owlette Vezina

“Exceptionally, people for whom it is necessary to receive an additional dose of the vaccine [à ARNm] It can be obtained through existing vaccination services and at their request, if there is a need to travel outside the country and they initially received a mixed schedule, Al Bab said. Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS) Speech, Mary Helen Emond.

“Mixed schedule” means anyone who has received a dose of CoviShield or AstraZeneca, and then a dose of an mRNA vaccine, whether that of Pfizer or even Moderna. This vaccination scenario may face refusal of entry in many countries, especially in Europe, where the Kooshield vaccine is not officially recognized by local authorities.

Thus, the same principle applies to a person who has already received two doses of Cocoshield vaccines. “The latter can also, exceptionally, and if her situation require it, receive an additional dose of the vaccine (mRNA) to be able to travel to certain countries that do not recognize this vaccine,” adds M.I Emond.

On the Quebec.ca platform, the authorities specify, however, that “this measure is exceptional and the person must be adequately informed to be informed of the potential risks associated with this additional dose, compared to the benefits of the planned trip”. “There is currently no study to evaluate the effect of this additional dose,” we also agree.

However, Quebec reiterates that everywhere in Canada a mixed schedule “including viral vector and mRNA vaccines is being accepted as fully valid”. “People who have received two doses of Covishield, or two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, or both, or one of those vaccines followed by another mRNA vaccine (either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) are well protected against COVID-19,” we are assured.

In addition, the government also indicated on Saturday that it is “currently in discussions with the federal government for offers to be made so that the AZ and Covishield vaccines are more widely recognized internationally, as well as the mixed calendar.”

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