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TREQ asks residents to sign a petition

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Ile de la Madeleine’s deputy, Joel Arsenault, has launched a petition asking Quebec to support the creation of the TREQ transport cooperative by participating in the financial package.

In its newsletter, the cooperative called on residents to support this idea by signing the petition by February 7.

The co-op is proud of its desire to make interregional air transportation in Quebec more accessible by offering flights at lower cost.

In the text of the petition, it is stated that The cost of regional air transportation in Quebec is exorbitant compared to the rates in force with our neighbors And This situation is not due to insufficient demand, but to lack of supply .

It is also alleged that the TREQ project received support from Thousands of Quebecers already members, many Quebec mayors, many industrialists, the federal government and major financial institutions .

The Cooperative Program does not apply for a grant from the provincial government, but rather An indication that the initiative may be part of the solution in the face of an iterative model that has nonetheless proven inefficient and unable to serve the regions of Quebec well. .

Early Saturday evening, more than 1,200 people signed the petition at the National Assembly website in Quebec.

Radio Canada attempted to reach TREQ President Eric Laroche, and his deputy, Joel Arsenault, to no avail.

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