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Manon Massey will not be Parliament Speaker of Quebec City Solidere

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Like all Quebecers, Manon Massey has seen a drastic change in her daily life in the past year. The epidemic He gave me the most precious thing I had ever missed: Time to comeShe explained to the party members, on the last day of their National Council.

The role of the Speaker of Parliament QS You don’t give me time to be with you, to talk to you, to listen to youShe understood. I am in a role that exhausts me, and one that I miss sometimesSolidarity member summed up.

That is why you will not try to run for prime minister in the upcoming county elections, which will be held in 2022.

Manon Massey said she hopes that the caucus and party members, who will meet at a convention in November, will select Gabriel Nadu Dubois to replace her. Until then, the joint spokesperson asked her counterpart to take over the position of Parliamentary Leader with effect from September.

What I announce to you today is that I do not want to go to the leaders debate! Actually, I want to support Gabriel just like he supported me in 2018In her words, referring to the previous election campaign.

As for leading the next campaign, I’ll pass the torch.

Quote from:Manon Maset, Quebec Solidere spokesperson

Not only [Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois] Willing to take over as prime minister, [mais] I’ll make a good prime minister hellShe said. At 30 years old, he embodies another generation, the one to which Manon Masih would like to hand over the reins.

Politicians of my generation have stolen the future of the youth, and the epidemic is stealing their presentMember lamented solidarity.

Binary united

However, Manon Masi is not ready to withdraw. She will seek new mandate as spokesperson at the upcoming conference. The proud actress of Saint Mary-Saint Jacques in Salon Bleu since 2014, the Representative will also ask her constituents to renew their confidence in her in 2022.

It is with Gabriel Nadu Dubois who wants to stand “on the starting line”, at the start of the next election campaign, if party members give them a new mandate. The duo that Gabrielle and I have ever been together has never been togethershe insisted.

Four years after Quebec represented Solidere alongside Manon Massey, Gabriel Nadu Dubois believes he has become a better member of Parliament, inspired by his colleague’s leadership. And taking the microphone in turn, on Sunday, confirmed his intention to play swords with leaders of other parties in the upcoming elections.

This group of chairs should allow her to be more present in the field, in her constituency, where she intends to devote her energies. It feels “relevant, helpful, powerful,” she said.

Now, 57, the politician finds that aging is not commensurate with stability. As the years go by, Whenever I feel exasperated, Captured.

Manon Massey has served as co-spokesperson for the Quebec Solidere since 2017. She is presenting issues of climate change, green transition, and indigenous affairs to the National Assembly.

Alongside Francoise David, a former spokeswoman for Quebec Solidere, she participated in the Option Citoyenne movement, which joined the Union of Progressive Forces in 2006 to form the Quebec Solidere.

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Prior to entering politics, Ms. Massey worked in the community sector for thirty years, defending the rights of women, members of the LGBTQ + community, refugees and immigrants.

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