Trois-Pistoles reopen and Chemin du Havre closed immediately

The rest period was short-lived. The city briefly paved the way for easier movement. A pile of snow was then thrown onto the road, making it inaccessible again.

This week, Radio Canada reported a confrontation between Trois-Pistols and the owners of the chalets in the Chemin du Havre.

A city bylaw, adopted last November, states that the road Not maintained during winter will be blocked by concrete blocks. This mode will last until 1Verse Mayo.

Many hut owners see the city as overstepping its authority by denying access to the huts. A citizen sent an official notice to Trois-Pistols last fall. City lawyers denied any deliberate act to block traffic.

The mayor of Troyes-Pistols, Philip Gilbert, believes that closing the road in winter does nothing to terrorize disaffected owners.

These are three-season cottages. Residents there should not go there in winter, unless there are exceptional reasons. In these cases, we can act. They are all chalets and seasonal residences. Access restrictions, standard, normal for this type of seasonal housinghe explains.

The mayor confirms that the protocol is in place to allow access to the fire and emergency services.

Mr. Gilbert adds that he is willing to discuss with the public a solution to prevent this case from going to court.

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