Trolls spam in Troll Falls Provincial Park in Alberta

To remind people that little plastic dolls have no place in the woods, the Alberta Government Agency has placed signs on the popular path.

Troll Falls is not the natural habitat of a dwarfCould you read on one of them.

the weather is cold. We want to stay with youIn speech bubbles, we read next to two little trolls.

The poster states that the plastic figures are waste and can harm animals. He also warns intrepid hikers who try by all means to hide them in hard-to-reach and vulnerable places.

A few years ago, people were just starting to throw these dolls all over the forest. The more we pick up, the more we findCo-chair of the organization said Country Kananaskis friendsDerek Ryder on a radio show Calgary IopnerOn CBC.

This activity is so popular that groups devoted to hiding trolls have formed on it The social networking site Facebook.

It is very popular. It’s a little weird,

Quote from:Derek Ryder, Associate Assistant, Kananaskis Country Friends

Derek Ryder says he volunteered with himAlberta Gardens To pick up statues near the waterfalls in the lane. It claims to have found about sixty.

They are placed on the ground, under bridges. People were climbing rocks around waterfalls, very unstable, to hide them in stones. It is very dangerous during summer and even during winter when there is snow., He said.

Although he knows hikers are happy with it, Derek Ryder wants to point out that these plastic dolls are harmful to the environment.

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It is a protected place. The falls are located in a regional recreation area that has the same regulations as a county parkAnd he warns.

It is not normal things. If it smelled because the person who dropped it was also carrying a peanut butter sandwich, for example, it would attract animals.

With information from Lucy Edwardson

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