Trudeau denounces “toxicity” and “obstruction” in Parliament

The Budget Implementation Bill is among the legislation still under discussion in the House of Commons as MPs begin their summer recess on Wednesday. Bill C-12, which crystallizes Canada’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050, is also on this list.

With so little time left before this recess to pass bills still on the order sheet, Trudeau and his ministers have criticized opposition Conservative Party MPs for using vote-slowing tactics.

But on Tuesday, the Liberal government scored two legislative victories.

pressure on the Senate

After several weeks of disruption, the C-10 broadcast bill was passed into the early hours of the House of Commons on Tuesday morning. But there is still a stage of the Senate, which plans to suspend its work on Friday, after Thursday’s recess.

Quebec Senator Jean-Jay Daguinet, a member of the group of Canadian Senators, acknowledged the existence of this a lot of frequency About this law in the Senate.

C-10 will subject web giants to the Broadcasting Act, forcing them to contribute financially to the creation and discovery of Canadian cultural content. Senator Dagnais expressed concern about the additional powers granted to the Canadian Radio, Television and Communications Corporation (CRTC) as part of this legislative reform.

The delay in C-10 can quite directly be attributed to stubbornness and manipulation of facts and gross truth or lies on the part of conservatives, but we got rid of them., announced by Yves Francois Blanchett during a press conference.

Then the bloc leader issued a warning to the senators: Do not you dare and do not allow yourself to oppose the House of Commons and, let me say, the very clear will of Quebec.

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Conservatives have strongly opposed Bill C-10, saying it gives the government the ability to regulate social media content across the country, as well as calling it an attack on freedom of movement and expression.

If this controversial law is passed, the Conservative government will stand up for Canadians and invalidate this massively dysfunctional law., announced Tuesday, Alan Reese, a spokesman for the Conservatives for Heritage.

As for Bill C-6, which bans conversion therapy, it was finally adopted in third reading in the House on Tuesday afternoon, notably with the support of Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, and thus takes the path of the Senate.

Trudeau is “worried”

For his part, the prime minister said he would welcome a review of government measures, but found it disturbing that members of the opposition were summoning the head of Public Health Canada, Ian Stewart, to testify. Lecture in the House of Commons for not disclosing some information.

Conservatives say the agency should reveal why it took two researchers out of a high-security lab in Winnipeg two years ago before expelling them, citing potential security concerns related to China.

The Prime Minister confirms, however, that Mr Stewart’s questioning He only served partisan political purposes.

We’ve seen a level of blockage and intoxication in the house, which is really worryingTrudeau said outside his official residence, where he remains in quarantine after returning from Europe.

In the House of Representatives, a Liberal member estimates that the average length of minority government has been reached approx. that rumors [d’élections] Believe it or not, minority governments usually last for two years, says Mark Gerritzen.

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This two-year milestone will be surpassed next October.

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