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Trump says Putin would ‘never’ do this if he was in power

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Washington | Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized his successor Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine, praising his closeness to Vladimir Putin and asserting that the Russian president would “never act like this” under his administration.

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“If handled correctly, there would be absolutely no reason for the situation in Ukraine to ever happen,” the former president said in a statement.

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“I know Vladimir Putin very well, and he would not have done under the Trump administration what he is doing now, by any means!” It was announced after the order of the Russian President to deploy troops in two separatist regions of Ukraine.

Donald Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin has been the subject of heavy criticism from the opposition during his tenure.

The Republican billionaire, flirting with the prospect of returning to the race for the White House, also described the “weak” sanctions currently in place by the Biden administration.

“They are insignificant compared to the seizure of a country and territories of strategic locations,” he accused the former leader.

“Putin is not only getting what he’s always wanted, but is getting richer and richer thanks to the oil and gas boom,” he added.

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After the first cautious sanctions, aimed specifically at pro-Russian separatist regions of Ukraine, the White House on Tuesday promised to strengthen its response to Moscow.

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