Monday, July 15, 2024

Trump Will Return To Social Media Within Three Months With His ‘Own Platform’

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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An adviser to the former United States president said on Sunday that Donald Trump, who has been banned from Twitter since January, will return to social networks within three months with his “private platform.”

Jason Miller told Fox News: “I think we’ll see President Trump again on social media, maybe in a couple of months on his private stage.”

He did not want to provide further details about the features of this “platform”, referring only to numerous meetings at Mar-a-Lago, the billionaire’s Republican residence in Florida.

“It’s not just a company that called the president, there are many companies” and “this new platform will be a big thing, everyone wants it, and it will bring millions and millions, tens of millions of subscribers to this new platform,” he added.

Twitter, which was in his campaign and in power, the main communication tool for the New York businessman, deleted the realDonaldTrump account and its 88 million subscribers after its supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6.

The former president, who left the White House on January 20 after being defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in the November election, has also been banned temporarily or permanently by most other major social networks or internet platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snap. chat.

Since then, the person whose sudden and loud messages have permeated American political life in recent years has become less heard, while remaining extremely influential within the Republican Party, not ruling out running for the presidential election from 2024.

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