Two comics under a cloudy sky

red april (general mechanic)

Screenplay: Sylvain Lemay
Drawing: Andre Saint-Georges
272 pages

Ottaways, Spring 2012. Real Betty Professor of Literature at Sijip. With a former student who attended college in comics, they work together on a comics project.

Writing this project comes at an opportune time at a rather turbulent period for the professor. Mysteries hover in many areas of his life. Real will be informed of the sudden revelations about a member of his family. At work, his boss receives anonymous messages about him.

at red april, Maple Spring is more of an excuse than a premise. The event is not as present in the story as the title might suggest. The issues of the student strike are still on the table.

The teachers’ solidarity with the cause was also highlighted. The story, however, is full of twists and turns.

The main character has enough depth to evoke different feelings in the reader. He is sometimes loved, sometimes doubtful, but his fate is intriguing.

Tangier in the rain (Dargood)

Screenplay: Fabian Grolow
Illustrated by: Abdel de Brussels
120 pages

Tangiers, January 29, 1912. Famous painter Henri Matisse needs to get distracted. He seeks to draw the light and nature of Morocco. Unfortunately, the story goes that it rained the first two weeks of his trip.

At the grand Hotel Villa de France, Matisse ordered a female model to paint the interior. Zora, a young whore, takes a break for him.

Two worlds meet and exchange is not a one-way street.

The comic strip attacking Matisse must be unfixable at the graphic level. Abd Elde Bruxelles’ drawings are great. Tones of orange give Tangiers the warmth of Tangiers, and shades of blue reflect the softness of the night.

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Read the story with poetry and tenderness. Matisse’s journey is a reason to focus on Sora’s life.

What is left after reading this comic? The conviction that good stories can also be sad.

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