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Two eighty-year-old project managers for a science center | Intruder Northern Ontario

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From an open-air mine reproduction to electric train decor, the two 80s made everything from raw materials.

It’s as beautiful as something we used to do professionally, Praises Lorraine Kantin, Timmins Head of Science.

This National Exhibition Center is located in the basement of an old dwelling, St-Mary’s Garden, where Claude Coudrey and Gerald Desjardins live. Twice a day, the two men jump in the elevator to go to the workshop.

During the epidemic, the workshop was closed. Gerald made this puzzle, which he proudly showed to his friend Claude Coudrey.

Photo: Radio Canada/Jimmy Chabot

They volunteer their time at a game of jigsaw or sander to keep them young and sane.

If it wasn’t for this kind of business, we might have more here today, Related to Gerald Desjardins.

I’m coming here and help me, And his colleague Claude Cauder adds the most beautiful French-Canadian terms.

Claude shapes wood like everyone else while Gerald develops the electrical circuits that will be used to better understand science. They have complete confidence in management in order to develop projects that reflect their image.

When we retire, we kind of get the impression that everything we did during our working years is less valuable now. So when retirees are able to participate and produce something of value, it improves their mental and physical health, Lauren Kanteen’s photo.

After ten years of involvement, Claude Cauder and Gerald Desjardins are today their names in the Science Timmins woodworking workshop.

We wanted to get to know them because they’ve done so much since the opening of the Science Village. They were there for us. When we needed repairs, they would help us. When we need something new, Lauren exclaims, pointing to the symbol of prosperity that has graced the door of the workshop since October.

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