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While everything indicates that the start of the political year 2022 in Ottawa will take place under the banner of public health, other issues must also monopolize those elected to Parliament – whether they are sitting physically or in person when they return to work, on January 31. A non-exhaustive overview of the topics that are likely to impose themselves on them.

Melanie Marquez

Melanie Marquez

(Ottawa) Afghanistan

The Department of Immigration estimates that it will take about two years before the 40,000 Afghan refugees the liberal government has pledged to welcome into the country arrive. Since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on August 15, nearly 6,000 refugees have arrived on Canadian soil as of December 15. “It’s still an issue with Canada’s international reputation,” said Stephanie Chouinard, professor of political science at the Royal Military College in Kingston. Dissatisfied with the slow progress and eager to highlight Canada’s readiness for the announced withdrawal of US forces, opposition parties were forced to form a committee on the matter. The government has promised to inject 1.3 billion over a 6-year program to receive and resettle Afghan refugees.


PHOTO FRANÇOIS ROY, press archives

In 2022, citizens of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec will be called to the polls.

No, we won’t have anything at the federal level. But citizens of the country’s two most populous provinces, Quebec and Ontario, will be called to the polls. “I do not have the impression that in Quebec the federal government will try to put the sticks in the wheels of Mr. Legault, given how popular he is. I think the primary paper in the report to the federal government will be challenging Law 21,” M. estimates.I Chouinard. What about Ontario? Here, too, the Federal Liberals have no advantage in campaigning against Doug Ford—especially since the leader of the liberal branch of Ontario, Stephen Del Duca, does not unleash sentiment, as the political world believes: “We know very well, in Ottawa, that the chances of overthrowing a party Progressive conservatives in Queens Park are slim enough.”

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The environment minister, Stephen Gelbolt, will present his government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by March 29 at the latest. The three-month period stipulated in Canadian Carbon Neutral Accountability Act To consult more broadly with provinces, indigenous groups and interest groups. Canada has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% to 45% by 2030 from 2005 levels, a more ambitious target than the previous 30% target. “The debate on the importance of representation is definitively closed. Now is the time to determine how together we can achieve our goals,” said Mr. Guilbeault, announcing the launch of the consultation process on 3 December.


Or “fair inflation,” according to the conservative lexicon. The rising cost of living in Canada promises to continue fueling debate in the federal parliament. Especially since Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s December budget update was kindled by the conservative opposition, which saw no measures to cool inflation. “This is not a blueprint for the economy. Big Money explained. See you in the spring for Freeland’s second budget.”

the rebels

Photo by Blair Gable, Reuters

Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

Erin O’Toole indicated her intention to stick to the leadership of the Conservative ship. With parliamentarians and MPs continuing to make waves, he’s not at the end of his problems, says Thierry Jason, director of the political science department at Université Laval. “There are tensions, obviously. Keeping this coalition alive and functioning is a very big challenge. The vaccinated rebel may continue to torment him, just as right-wing conservatives poorly digest the party’s refocusing.” Senator Dennis Butters He is one of them.She was fired by President O’Toole after he began a petition calling for an expedited vote of confidence in the leadership.And the leader was clear: Fate itself awaits someone to challenge him.

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Justin Trudeau’s government is showing it all to the Joe Biden administration. After being warned that he plans to publish a list of products, he could impose punitive tariffs in response to the intention of Democrats – which are struggling in the US Congress – to offer a maximum tax credit of $12,500 for electric vehicles collected in the US, on December 21. He launched a challenge to the tariffs Washington has imposed on wood under the new North American Free Trade Agreement (CUSMA). That compensation fee rose from 8.9% to 17.9% on average last November. International Trade Secretary Mary Ng has been instructed to deal with “issues of bilateral trade and protectionist measures with the United States,” as stated in the letter of authorization sent to her by Justin Trudeau.


The Green Party is set to elect someone in 2022 to succeed Anami Paul, which left the formation in tatters after a period marked by infighting and an election campaign that fell short of expectations. It was a massacre. It did happen in other parties that a new leader was not connected to the authorities, but not in an overt way… It was surreal, explains Thierry Giason, citing the battle as an example of dysfunction. In court between the leader and her party, and the “difficult relationship” between Anami Paul and the Quebec Green Pavilion. The drive campaign must be launched by June 24 at the latest. This period was held by Amita Kuttner, an astrophysicist who became the first transgender person to head a national party.

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