“Star Académie”: A surprising and exhilarating lineup

The roster of the seventh variety from “Star Académie”, on Sunday, was plentiful and attractive, and the set of numbers has already left us completely excited, satisfied and happy, despite the sudden departure of Audrey-Louise Beauséjour, who did not clearly fail to impress the teachers or the public.

After a show recorded at the Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal, Eloi had the daunting task of releasing the number in honor of the reference Gerry Boulet and the Offenbach group.

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In addition to the intensity of Daniel Boucher, we’ll especially remember duo Julien and Claude Cobra, of Bleu Jeans Bleu, on “Just for Adventure” in a sectarian atmosphere.

Olivier did not suffer from the comparison in “Song of Pain” with Dan Bigrass, Sarah Maud and Lulu Hughes and then engaged in a heated struggle for power and beauty over “Clean des Blues”.

Facing Breen Leboeuf, Audrey-Louise managed to find her place on “My blues pass can in door”, before attending a massive final in the company of all the guests and academics at the “Promenade sur mars”. And as far as the atmosphere and sound performance, this number will remain one of the great moments we will remember from this season.

Lulu Hughes has agreed to replace Brigitte Puigoli, who has been absent due to losing her voice.

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put in danger

Honoring the native Magdalen Islands, Eloy Cummings attempted to retain his place in the academy. He beautifully performed “The Ballad of Irving Whale” by Zachary Richard, in which he takes great pride in his origins. Very nice explanation.

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Audrey Louise Beauséjour didn’t choose an easy path when she decided to sing “Love Is Still There” to stand out on Sunday. Her performance apparently stunned Mark Dupree, who told her she did well. His comment was confirmed by Gregory Charles. “Extreme level of difficulty, amazing performance,” said the teacher, concluding that even Celine Dion would likely stand to applaud Audrey Louise.

With the song “I Won’t Leave It” by Rascal Flatts, Kristel Mungo chose a lesser known English-language song to try to impress the audience and teachers, but the script spoke to her a lot. His interpretation was relatively palpable. “Well done, it was wonderful. Lara Fabian said, after performing a joyous dance.

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Pierre Labpointe is a magician. With just a few resources, he was able to recreate the atmosphere of an old-fashioned jazzy cabaret where the droning sounds of the great pop songs of the ’80s and ’90s echoed. In front of a red curtain, academics took the words “You’re in the Moon,” “Dance for the Dance” or “Caroline sleeps,” rearranged in jazz style. Finally, urban science brass band hit the stage with Eloi releasing “Voyager sans toi.” The ending was great with Jeremy and Marielle on the Tourne la page. The guest art director did a great job bringing so much energy and fun.


The production has been a huge surprise to Camelia ever sinceShe saw her father, Abdel Rahim Zaki, arrive alive on the set star Academy. Father and daughter did not see each other and hugged each other for about two years. “It’s the most beautiful surprise I can get,” she cried, crying with joy. I hoped he could experience the adventure with me. His father should also go to visit Waterloo Academy, on Monday.

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The joyful and unobstructed universe of Jay Scott Quebec brought a wind of fresh color with his songs “Broken” and “Copilote,” in which Fouki provided a surprise. The academics seemed relieved and happy to be involved in this very refreshing number.

country version

Guylaine Tanguay recently released an album of country versions of Ginette Reno’s greatest hits. “Crescents of the Sun,” “I Need a Friend,” “A Little Higher” all resonate differently in our ears with new arrangements, and with the dual voices of Academics and Gillin Tangway.

Eloi worked hard all week, the audience could see him and collectively voted to keep him in the academy.

A few minutes later, Gillen Tremblay explained, “You are two exceptional ladies and wonderful singers. But based on tonight’s performance, we chose to protect Krystal.”

Flawless Oliver

Eloi said he’s worked a lot over the past week, and the result was clear on Sunday. Another academic spent a great deal of time perfecting its interpretation, management, breathing, and work on challenges. Olivier showed that he, too, had made a lot of progress. It was perfect mastery and accuracy throughout Variety. In a duet with Dan Bigrass on “Song of Pain,” we felt like he was solid and perfectly in place. Despite their differences in age and experience, he managed it easily. Later, during the number created by Pierre Lapointe, he easily found his place in a duet with Sarah Maud in the song “T’es dans la lune”. If he included the sound of every semblance of it, we’ve also seen him move with agility. The teachers’ advice to be less steady and more agile seems to have paid off.

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Julian Grove

More conservative in everyday life since Matthew’s departure, Julian has apparently taken his wanderings to go to the academy, which he risks taking too far. In a duet with Claude Cobra in homage to Jerry, he actually took off for the evening. The groove in his voice adapted well to the atmosphere of the number. More sober in his attitude, he especially shone with his vocal presence. We were also able to appreciate the full scope of his talent during his cover of “Incognito”, a good idea from Pierre Lapointe to task him with reinterpreting Celine Dion in his jazz version. Versatile, it also effortlessly integrates itself into the world of Jay Scøtt. Despite his obvious talent, Julian must be at risk just to enjoy hearing it alone.

They continue the adventure

  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kidgwick, note
  • Julian Charbonneau, 23 years old, Montreal
  • Sarah Maud Desjani, 23 years old, Amos
  • Marielle Dorion, 26, Sherbrooke
  • Edouard Lagacé, 27, Cowansville
  • Jeremy Blunt, 25, Levis
  • Camelia Zaki, 17 years old, Sherbrooke
  • Saved by the public
  • Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalene Islands

Saved by teachers

  • Christel Mungo, 25, Sherbrooke

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