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Charest wants to criminalize blocking critical infrastructures

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A rival to the conservative leadership, Jean Charest, promises that he will make the blockage of vital infrastructure such as pipelines, mines or even railways illegal if he is prime minister.

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This proposal would be expressed in the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, which would restore the police the right to remove illegal barriers without resorting to a court order.

Several recent demonstrations in Canadian history align with the description given of misdeeds described by Mr. Charest, notably the closing of the Ambassador Bridge during anti-sanitary demonstrations in February, or demonstrations in support of the Wet Nation. ‘suwet’en who witnessed the railways occupied by militants in 2020.

Individuals who obstruct such infrastructure or interfere with its construction will face criminal offenses.

By the same token, Mr. Charest proposes to “remove charitable status from any group that has accepted foreign money and been engaged in acts relating to the new offences”.

All candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party, including Jean Charest, have shown their support for the oil sector and for infrastructure projects that can help Canada develop this sector.

Some candidates go even further and propose abolishing the carbon tax as adopted by the Liberal government, including Pierre Boiliver, who remains the race’s favorite.

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