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Unlimited general strike in 22 SQDC branches

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Those roughly 250 union members had given themselves a mandate to strike in February.

They demand from the employer a compensation salary and better working conditions, particularly in schedules and work-family balance.

We are on strike until we reach an agreement with SQDCEspecially with regard to the issue of salaries. »

Quote from David Kleiman, President of the Workers’ Union at SQDC

Head of employee union SQDCDavid Clément is asking the company to offer an entry-level salary, which is currently around $17 an hour, similar to that offered at other state-owned companies.

We have a request to negotiate a salary starting at $23, so that we can get a similar salary for other jobs, both in Loto-Québec and in uEither in warehouses or in brancheshe explains.

Union members are demanding an increase in the starting salary and an improvement in working conditions.

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

According to a union representative, the company is already facing a major problem in retaining workers because the starting salary is no longer competitive.

When we do not know the circumstances when SQDC, a lot of people will say to themselves ‘Government company = good working conditions’, but what we’re seeing is that a lot of new hires will last a day or a week and go to work. skyhe explains.

For its part, the SQDC Refuses to comment on the ongoing negotiations with the union side. A spokesman for the state company, Fabrice Geiger, confirms the organization’s desire to reduce the impact of the strike on its customers.

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Our desire is to keep the service open to customers. This is why we have reduced the operating hours of the 22 affected branchesExplains, invite customers to consult the website of SQDC For the latest details.

Poster indicating schedule changes at SQDC.

The working hours of the affected branches have been rearranged.

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

He also stresses that Crown has no difficulty in recruiting, but that hiring is easier in urban centers than in regions.

tough negotiations

Negotiations began between the two parties last October. There were a lot of difficulties especially with regard to salaries.says David Clement.

We got the salary offer given to us in mid-April which did not provide for any salary compensation, increments of less than 2% per annumhe adds.

Lobbying tactics were then followed, notably by deviating from the employee’s dress code, by wearing Bermuda shorts and other non-compliant dresses and clothing.

In eastern Quebec, only the Rimouski branch was affected by the strike.

The SQDC It has more than 80 branches throughout the province, about half of which are unions.

It represents the employees of about fifteen branches of the state that monopolize the distribution of cannabis CSNBut she did not go on strike.

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