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US Army Ponytails, braids, and earrings are now allowed

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(Washington) Earrings, braided hair or a ponytail: The US military revised its physical appearance standards on Monday, to better reflect the femininity and ethnic diversity in its ranks.

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After fulfilling a request in July by former Defense Secretary Mark Esper amid a debate about racial discrimination within US forces, the military announced during a public conference that it had decided to allow appropriate women’s hairstyles for all types of hair.

For the military woman with long hair, the sleek bun that was until now mandatory lends itself to the ponytail if she has straight hair or, if her hair is curly or curly, into braids that can be pulled back to the side. President.

These hairstyles are permitted provided they do not interfere with wearing a uniform or helmet during operation, with reference to the documents announced during this conference.

Women who want to shorten their hair, or even completely shave their heads, are now allowed to do so.

Earrings are allowed, but they must be kept secret. They are still banned in theaters of intervention.

Lipstick is also permitted, but in neutral shades, like nail polish is now allowed for men who work in environments where their hands are in frequent contact with harsh chemicals. Varnish of “extreme” color (blue, black, purple, or fluorescent) remains prohibited.

Since the death of George Floyd at the end of May, a black man killed while in custody by a white policeman, has opened the United States Army, one of the institutions in which the most minorities in the United States are present, a major internal debate about racism.

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The Confederate flag is banned on all US military bases, where this sign, often seen as a symbol of racism, is displayed in barracks or common rooms.

The Pentagon also spoke of its support for changing the name of the military bases to honor Confederate generals, an idea that was opposed by former US President Donald Trump.

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