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USB-C Condensing 240 Watts!

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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No more laptop chargers and their own connectors. USB-C certification evolves to match the transition from 100 to 240 watts of peak power Across USB socket standard is published.

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Here is a revolution in a revolutionUSB. The last criterion USB-C Which is gradually being rolled out, whether on mobile devices or on computers, be it PCs or Mac, Will remove ugly laptop power plugs. Moving forward comes the USB Developers Forum (USB-IF) To advertise That the standard be changed to ‘Revision 2.1’. A review confirms that it is possible to exceed twice the current power in watts that this connection can accept.

While it was crowned 100 years whats, Which was already sufficient to run most Computers Portable, now up to 240 watts. With this power, the vast majority of gamers’ desktop and laptop computers are now possible.

Minimum 5 amp and 50 volt cables

Being able to use theUSB-C Beyond previous specifications it was already known and non-standard transformers were marketed to achieve this. This did not pose any particular problems because, in fact, from the start it was possible to push this power to 240 watts. The new specification has been called “Extended Energy Range” (EPR). This sticker will be affixed to compatible cables and chargers.

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To be part of this category, A. cable It will have to support up to 5 amps and 50 volts. So, obviously, for machines that require more power, the standard will not be sufficient and there will always be power supplies beyond that, with their respective cables.

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