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Facebook will pay Canadian media for their content

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By initiative News Innovation Test (Test of innovation in the news) that The social networking site Facebook Intends to develop a new approach to Canadian news exchange. The giant says it wants to promote a healthy news system and boost the quality of stringent journalism.

14th media list started The social networking site Facebook The agreement is concluded and consists of a variety of English and French publications from all parts of the country. dutyAs well as the National Independent Information Collaborative (the sunAnd the the talkAnd the The showAnd the RightAnd the Daily And the East SoundIs part of.

For the newspaper manager the sunGeneration Karenian, it became imperative to ensure more equitable sharing of advertising revenue. In the digital model, we see that something is broken in the system because the income goes into the hands of two players.He is sorry.

One such media is the independent national cooperative for information, of which the daily Le Soleil is part.

Photo: Radio Canada / Carl Boeven

So it is believed that this agreement will not only guarantee additional income for the publications Solly, But also to give them better visibility by referring readers to their platforms. With our subscription form, people need to communicate with our news, and this partnership will help promote it.Jill Karenian adds.

List of media covered by the agreement:

  • blogTO;
  • The National Comptroller of Canada
  • the coast;
  • Independent national information cooperative;
  • Daily cell
  • duty;
  • Rhetorical media;
  • FP Newspapers
  • The symposium
  • Narwal.
  • Salt Wire Network
  • Sprawl
  • Loaded
  • Media Village.

Such as the shop?

In a press release released Tuesday morning, The social networking site Facebook He indicates that he is studying the various forms this agreement could take. One of the options that has been considered is creating a completely new interface, such as Facebook MarketplaceTo share information.

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Information fields can also be created on a specific topic. They tested it a little while during COVID, and they created an information space where the user who goes there knows they will find the verified content., Mr Carignan’s comments on the morning show The first hour.

A man in white shirt and hair of salt and pepper stands in front of the microphone.

Jill Karenian is Managing Director of Le Soleil Cooperative.

Photo: Radio Canada / Tifa Bourgeon

The pressure on the giants

Teacher at the School of MediaUQAM Jean Higgs Roy has no doubts that the web giant is behaving this way because he has felt pressure in recent months from several governments.

Australia, for example, passed a bill this winter requiring social media companies to negotiate media compensation payments. The social networking site Facebook He responded by restricting sharing of news content in Australia. Access was restored a few days later, but this situation was closely followed by several countries that are working on similar laws, such as Canada.

Canadian law is still waiting

Although he welcomed the Giant’s efforts with this agreement, the journalism professor remained skeptical. We must not be naiveJean-Hughes Roy warns.

I think there is an element in PR strategy on one side The social networking site Facebook. We send a letter to the federal government saying, “You don’t need to pass an information financing law, we are actually funding information on a voluntary basis.”

Quote from:Jean-Hugh Roy, Professor, UQAM School of Media

So he fears that this initiative will discourage Ottawa from adopting a law that he still considers necessary. I think the public should say to these web giants: “You’re making money with information. Well, here you go, we’ll share it every year and fund the news.”

Even so, Canadian Heritage Minister Stephen Gilboa still believes in the importance of such a law. Corporate involvement in the search for solutions is good news and indicates that we can work together to find lasting solutions. We still believe that there is a need to create a sustainable, fair and consistent compensation framework for all publishers across the country, regardless of their size or where they operate in Canada., He explains in a statement.

However, Stephen Gilbolt did not set a specific goal at the moment of scheduling the bill, indicating that it would be offered. As soon as possible.

Conservative shadow minister for Canadian heritage, Alan Rees, also supports the creation of a legal framework that allows compensation for Canadian media and says he has been urging Minister Guilbeault to act since last year.

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