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Vaccinated Americans licensed in Europe: Beware of Canadians who want to enter France

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Although the European Union has announced that vaccinated Americans can visit Europe as early as this summer, nothing has been officially mentioned to Canadians. Beware of those who might try to enter France by sneaking: the consequences could be dire.

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While some large European countries like Greece and Germany want to welcome Canadian travelers, these countries should not be used as a gateway to France.

“We have to be careful, even if there is no reinforced border between Germany and France. If a Canadian arrives in Germany and then infiltrates into France, and if he is caught in France, he will be expelled from the region and because he did not follow the procedures, he will be banned from all over the world.” Europe, including Germany, which allowed entry, for up to 4 years, explains Moscow Kot, president of the Quebec Travel Agents Association.

Mr. Cote insists on Mario Dumont’s program, saying: “We don’t go to France if we are Canadians, or through detours,” noting that French citizens can return to their country without problems.

Unlike Americans, most Canadians will not get a second dose of the vaccine until at least the summer, after they have not been fully vaccinated.

“You have to understand France, because for them tourism is still important to them. It is the most visited country in the world, it represents 10% of its GDP and 12% of their jobs, so they want to open their borders as quickly as possible in a safe way, and this is a sign.” Good, supports M Side which sees shadow of Resume travel.

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In Canada, tourism accounts for 6 to 7% of employment. Employment in the Dominican Republic is 16%.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the resumption of travel of vaccinated Americans to Europe in an interview with The New York Times, Sunday.

“Americans, from what I can see, are using vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA),” she said. This will allow free movement and travel to the European Union. Because one thing is clear: The 27 member states will accept, unconditionally, all those vaccinated with EMA-approved vaccines, ”the master emphasized.I Von der Leyen in the New York Daily.

However, many European Union countries have tightened the restrictive measures adopted at the national level due to the spread of the epidemic and their concern about the emergence of new variants, the European Commission has recognized, which left doubts about the possibility of traveling to it. From this summer to Europe.

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