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Valerie Blunt can’t wait to get into a fight with Dennis Coudry

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Montreal Mayor Valerie Blunt said she is keen to be able to debate with Dennis Coudray, now that he has announced his candidacy for mayor in the November elections.

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“I can’t wait for some real ideas to be discussed. Right now, we’re under the impression that the former mayor is saying everything and its opposite.” Ms Blunt, who has been working on the airwaves at LCN, said, “I have the impression that he’s throwing test balloons, to see if she Common, on almost all topics. “

The mayor also criticizes the lack of a clear position that Denis Coudry has taken on certain topics, such as Formula E and the Network Express bike (REV) on Saint-Denis Street. “I get the impression that we are going there to see the most popular procedures,” she added.

She presented herself as the candidate playing as a team and listening to the needs of the population.

“The strength of my team is that we create ideas with people, and when we need reconditioning, we do. I think that’s what people want.” Ms Blunt said, “She wants truth and transparency.”

It also reconsidered its desire to present the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Canada next June. She had already spoken on Wednesday morning about the matter at a meeting of the city executive committee.

“The Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Montreal is important. We want there to be a formula this year in Montreal, and we want other levels of government to embark on this adventure.”

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Municipal elections will take place across Quebec on November 7.

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