Valerie Carpentier clarifies things after negative reviews made by netizens

during the past confession to me Celebrity Big BrotherAnd Valerie Carpenter be criticized in order to ” shake “ Sunglasses. between you and us, It looked rather cool

In fact, on April 17, All candidates from Celebrity Big Brother They all came back to reflect on the season.

Many fans of the show criticized Valérie Carpentier’s wearing of glasses.

Really rude sunglasses. Good progress…… the road will be long Swipe the user. Valerie replied: It is a spiritual journey, not an election campaign! Haha peace and love to you “.

It is a spiritual journey, not an election campaign! »

After that, the singer-songwriter on Facebook wrote a message to netizens: “ againstSome people seem to enjoy disappointing others. I understand. It’s hard to measure yourself. You should be able to compare its size to another… What is its value? Why do you want to know your height? When I see the sea, I thank the sky for being small enough to take a shower. When I see rain, I thank the sky for being big enough not to drown me in it. Everything is relative. Even the weather. Even morale. Even the heart. So are you “.

To this, a few fans responded in the comments.

Rather, I say that everything begins with the eye of the beholder. Moreover, our value pattern is the same when we look at others as when we look at ourselves. To see what kind of comments are said a lot on the page of well-known people or artists or even less, says a lot about the self-esteem these people have! Never forget that most of what you notice is self-projection! Let’s say this sets the record straight! Valerie Peace, love and friendship!!! ‘, a fan.

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I love this philosophy that I have always had. Also, there is always someone who needs help. I have learned that in life everything is given to us, because often the help we need at some point in our lives is not always given by the person we helped but by someone else in regression who is sometimes related or not to the person we helped User added.

When you know your worth, you don’t need to compare yourself. We don’t compare apples to bananas. We are all different in many ways Someone else wrote.

It is a great lack of confidence in a person who makes fun of another person, there are jealous and envious people, above all who do not play their game! Another post.

And you, what do you think of Valérie Carpentier’s sunglasses during past confession The second season of Celebrity big brother?

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