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Vanessa Gillard in Three Books and Three Questions

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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On Vanessa’s bedside table

Kulum, The Last Gods, and The Anomaly are all worth reading.

Photo: Vanessa Gillard

The last of the gods by Simon Chabot

The main character turns into a woman for seven years of her life. Previously, he had friendly relations with his neighbor. The whole scenario takes place in a house near the water.

« It’s the journey and place of the book that I love. This idea is for a secluded and quiet home. This book deals with the perception we have of women and men. »

kokum by Michel Jan

It is a book on a historical background that takes place near Lake Saint-Jean in Quebec.

A woman falls in love with an indigenous person and discovers the life of a Bedouin. In the winter, these peoples head north to hunt and hunt, and then return downhill in the warm season.

« There’s a cold in the back. When these characters see the development when they return and are prevented from doing certain things. »

anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier

It’s the story of a plane that has to land in New York but the airport redirects it to a military base. In fact, three months ago the same aircraft existed. So there is a weakness.

This book is fun because each chapter tells the story of a passenger. There are other authors who have this type of writing, like Stephen King for example.

« It’s an interesting shape. We gradually discover the story until the end. »

Vanessa Gillard in Three Questions

Why read Manitoban authors?

It is closer to our reality. We’ll probably get to know ourselves there and sometimes know places. Like a little house at the water’s edge! One can imagine that it is near Lake Manitoba. And it’s even more interesting when you know that the author has not been translated into 27 languages.

Did the Gillard family always frequent bookstores and libraries?

Yes, a lot of times when kids were younger I would tell them to pick several books from the library and never say never to buy a book.

We used to go once a week to replenish books in the library and if the kids associated with a series (comic book or children’s novel) we would go buy books. I usually read stories during the day and my husband reads stories at night before bed.

I have always frequented bookshops and bookshops from a young age, I would go there by bike or with my grandparents. Even on vacation, you never miss a walk to a bookstore and often leave with a book or two.

Personally, Vanessa Gillard was really in high school. That is, from the moment the pupils were allowed to choose books for themselves to read at school.

What do you bring for reading?

You are allowed to travel. We make our own images and they are often stronger than the ones in the movie. Reading the book lasts longer than the movie and is therefore also fun. Reading brings us pleasure, calm, good focus, an open and critical mind and knowledge, but above all, rest and with the world around us are vital in the present moment.

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The last feature of the book: no plug or charger required, accessible at all times. Fun reading!

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