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“Victor at the Zoo,” “Alone with You,” “Louis Reil. The Unlikely Country.” And “These Great Experiences That Changed the World”: Messages from Spring

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Between the story of Louis Reil and the story of the great experiences that have characterized our civilization, there’s this little Victor who trades with zoo animals, a contemplative teddy bear praising silence, and adopts Martin, the 13-year-old and the orphan. By a cruel bloodthirsty pseudo-scientist. Something to entertain.

Reviving yesterday’s album

Victor O Zoo It is an album by the Dutchman Harry Geelen, released in 1992 in its original version and published for the first time in French, by Albin Michel. The short text translated by Emmanuèle Sandron is complemented by the expressionist paintings of Gillen. The use of strong colors, the explicit and presumptive streak, supports and sustains Victor’s fantasies and, in the end, presents a veritable treasure trove of history in his prime.

Equipped with his kite, his most beautiful ball, a real catapult and his tricycle, Victor goes for a walk at the zoo. And once he gets there, he talks to the elephant, deer and crocodile who are intrigued and drawn to his things. Without wanting to give everything to these greedy animals, Victor agrees to exchange his possessions with a trunk, horns and a tail. The final touch, both delicious and so disorienting, highlights all the imaginative strength of childhood, that power that opposes adult rationality.

Those who know the art of living with themselves ignore boredom. This book, adapted from Erasmus, is an introductory book to Alone with you, An album by Jeffrey Hayes that was first released in 1976 and re-released in March Hare. Translated by Nadine Robert, the story plunges us into the thoughts of a teddy bear telling us, in the form of pictorial fragments, about the happiness of listening to silence, that is, “watching the wind blow on the treetops, making its sound fly. A kite, alone and free,” or even being “” Lying on thick grass, with the sun warming her fur. “

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Displayed in shades of jade, each panel, framed and presented on a white background, accompanied by a short text, one sentence at most, ensuring an identifiable link to the visual invoice. The strength of this album is due to this enveloping effect, to the ubiquitous softness found throughout the solitary and comfortable transit of a bear.

Beyond the simple documentary

“Once upon a time there was a man. A man so tall that his enemies wanted to see him hanged. His name was Louis. It was Metis.” Another title was added to the group “Mémoire d’Images” related to 400 moves. Signed by André LeBlanc, Louis Riel. Unlikely country It takes us to this distant past, from the arrival of the British in western Canada until the hanging of the person who fought for the defense of his land and his people on November 16, 1885.

Leblanc – who also signs several titles in the group – has his way of telling us the story clearly while ensuring a rhythmic beat to the end. The numerous archival photos, maps and illustrations add to the quality of this documentary by enabling an understanding of the full strength of the character and an understanding of the issues that have characterized his career, as if we were there. This last title is a tribute in relation to a man greater than life. Famous.

Where do the rules come from? What is fair? Whose rights? These are all the great questions that lawyer and painter Francesca Troup focused on in a wonderful and unique work, a documentary on These are great experiences Out of the world It was just published by Editions du Passage. From the original sin of Adam and Eve, who was then sentenced before God – the basis of the judicial system – to Cecilia the chimpanzee who will be recognized as having basic rights, including the Dreyfus and Nelson Mandela case, a total of 24 trials are presented with remarkable clarity and brevity.

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From the Old Testament until today, many causes have been presented on all continents that make it possible to develop ideas, and to establish the reflections that shape our morals. The rigor with which the author describes these great events and the accuracy of her writing contribute to the richness of this work. Like the gift, each experience is accompanied by Trop’s expressive graphics and paintings, whose style remembers all of Chagall’s intensity. artistic work.

Feast for dogs

Victor O Zoo | ★★★★ 1/2 | Harry Gillin, translated from the Dutch Emmanuel Sandron, Albin Michel Jeunesse, Paris, 2021, 36 pages. 3 years and older. // Alone with you | ★★★★ | Geoffrey Hayes, Nadine Robert’s English translation, Le lièvre de Mars, Varennes, 2021, 40 pages. 4 years and older. /// Louis Riel. Unlikely country. | ★★★★ | André Leblanc, Les 400 coups, Montreal, 2021, 56 pages. 9 years and older. //// These are great experiences that changed the world | ★★★★ 1/2 | Francesca Troup, Éditions du Passage, Montreal, 2021, 128 pages. 15 years and over.

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