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Video at the heart of Instagram’s ambitions for 2022

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Instagram keeps changing. The company wants to compete with TikTok and YouTube on the video format to become the No. 1 entertainment network. Adam Mosseri, CEO of the social network, outlined his ambitions for 2022 with video of course.

Instagram on TikTok flower beds and YouTube

In a summary post at the end of the year, Adam Mosseri offered a glimpse of what awaits the podium for 2022,” We will have to rethink what Instagram is because the world is changing fast and we will have to change with it ‘, he did not say.

This announcement, far from being the first of its kind this year, is part of the social network strategy of Compete with other platforms, TikTok for short videos and YouTube for longer formats. Instagram’s goal is to establish itself as the #1 entertainment network.

The company hopes to double the number of videos passing through its platform early next year. Instagram said last July, “ We are no longer a photo sharing app or a square photo sharing app. […] The number one reason people say they use Instagram is for entertainment ».

Instagram Killing the IGTV Brand Two months ago to bring the long videos back to the main stream. The network would like to incorporate all of its video products around Reels and further develop this product. Users have to go through Reels to watch a full video. To do this, the company has indicated that it wants to offer more monetization tools to push creators to always provide more original content.

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The platform will continue to test more and more recommendations in the user’s news feed, try out more full-screen and immersive video formats, and invest heavily inElectronic trade And take a look at the “Mobile First” video.

Persistence of Facebook profiles

Other announcements have been made about the future of Instagram. Messaging will see non-detailed improvements. Transparency and control of harmful content, two major controversial topics for social networks, will also be a major point of interest for the platform. Instagram will redouble its efforts to control content with stronger parental controls.

We learned, for example, last month that a new feature would allow for a moderator to be assigned when broadcasting live. Users will be able to control more settings to improve their experience. Thus it will be possible to better filter sensitive content and hide the number of likes and hidden words in direct messages.

Instagram wants to silence the criticism raining down on it. Reports based on documents shared by whistleblower Frances Hogan showed that the Meta Group is aware ofBad effect on Instagram on adolescent mental health, but did nothing to improve the situation.

With its advertisements, Meta is showing that it is taking action. at the beginning of the month, Mosseri told the Senate that will be provided by Instagram Meaningful access to data so that third-party researchers can design their own studies and draw their own conclusions about the effects of youth well-being “.commitment to transparency to follow.

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