A hockey fan in Montreal got his money back last night

Last night, the Montreal Canadiens and Junior Canada were playing at the same time. Many of you have undoubtedly done like me and had prove Two screens to watch the two games that were developing at the same pace.

And if you get it, you get what you paid for.

One of the biggest Storylines In the evening, it’s a great Conor Bedard evening. After Owen Power’s hat-trick in the opening game of the tournament, 16-year-old Beddard took matters into his own hands.

If he was old enough to drink, he would have told Power “Keep my beer, I’ll do better”.

Four goals at 16, it’s really crazy. Unheard of in the tournament for the player who became the first Canadian to score (at least) a hat-trick at the age of 16 since Wayne Gretzky.

Unfortunately for Shane Wright, if we were to compare the two young men, there is no argument at the moment.

Note that in victory 11-2, Kaiden Guhle only had one pass, his first in the tournament. He is known for his strong defensive play and he proved it again yesterday.

So yes, those who watched that match got what they wanted. Against Austria, it was expected.

But on the other hand, the Canadian also gave us a lot of bang for the buck for our effort against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

On the other hand, this was a surprise. After all, when we look at the training provided by Dominique Ducharme, we were right in our low expectations against the two-time Stanley Cup winner Tampa Bay Lightning who founded Brayden Point. What a match, that is.

The Canadian had no choice but to own a club like the injured club’s list is longer than the grocery list for a family of three. In fact, if we include the reserve team, Jean-Sebastien Dea is the only CH contracted, playing professional in North America and not from the Canadian delegation at the moment.

Yes, the depth is getting thinner in Montreal.

But despite everything, the Canadian lost, yes, but he did well.

If we were to sum up the situation in a tweet, it was Marc Antoine Godin who did it. He said he tweeted that Rocket took the lead in the game (a joke everyone told) and was criticized for disrespecting the players on the ice.

Come to think of it, no, not all players are of NHL caliber, but they still deserve a reminder. Everyone worked hard on the ice and collectively, we felt the revitalization of the Canadian.

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After all, what have we said over the past few weeks? Veterans want to stay infected. Let the players play to finish it.

But yesterday that was not the case. Obviously seeing Kale Clague dive like a school kid in front of Brayden Point we thought it was going to be a long evening. There were games like this all evening – that’s to be expected.

But the general feeling is that the energy was there. It’s clear that players, veterans and rookies alike, wanted to beat the odds in order to win the match.

The net result, when you look at the scoring sheet, is that four players scored their first goal of the season. Lukas Vejdemo (second in profession), Rafael Harvey Benard (in his first match), Kale Clague (first in the NHL) and David Savard (first goal, including playoffs, since leaving Columbus) all rocked the ropes.

Savard’s goal was particularly good. It is his first goal in his 70 matches.

Add to that with a pass against his former team, Cédric Paquette earned his first point in the Canadian uniform.

It was good to see the Canadian playing with pride. Rafael Harvey Benard explained the situation well by knowing the match as much as he is capable of. He was always standing in front of Grid and that paid off.

but in the end, CH survived the meeting he deserved to win. why? Several factors…but the best training wins.

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It was nice to see the club win to allow the youngsters to celebrate their achievements with dignity, but that didn’t happen.

However, one thing is for sure: the youngsters knew new president Jeff Gorton was watching the match. They wanted to prove things.

And we talk: If CH is already about to appoint a CEO, we can believe that the future general manager was watching the match as well.

Coming back to the game, one aspect that contributed to the loss was the good old Corey Perry.

With his seventh goal of the season, Corey Berry once again hurt his former team at the worst possible time. He also played with a dog and was a big part of Tampa yesterday. But we know it: we got to know him in 2021.

We must not forget the impact of Brendan Gallagher’s “goal,” which was rejected because it was the No. 11 he was playing. We must also not forget about the “penalty” of lightning a few seconds before the goal in overtime. But we’ll come back to that later this morning.

It’s such a shame to see Samuel Montembeault escaping from this game. Yes, he made five goals, but under the circumstances he was the goalkeeper the Canadians needed.

And his teammates didn’t hesitate to sing after the match… and for good reason. After all, it was worth W, as the saying goes.

We can also understand that in all his states he follows Berry’s goal, specifically. He was about twenty seconds away from winning in, my faith, improbable circumstances.

In the end, if we forget the series, CH has not been able to achieve two consecutive wins since May. This obviously won’t happen in 2021, as there is only one game left on the table, and that is tomorrow’s game. Expect to see Kayden Primo in goal against Carolina.

Can he build on his good performance against Cyclones Gisbury Kotaniemi tomorrow?

a lot of

– Nothing less.

– Good point.

– Do we agree or not?

– No more matches postponed for CH?

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