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Video: Most importantly, keep calm. How to breed snakes in the Philippines

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I was in my eyes. I had no idea such a block existed. I was also afraid at arrest, because I thought snakes could drown people and animals, describes survivor Megan Aniloff, who tried her hand at snakes.

Ancient animals are presented to tourists at Kalibo Ostrich Farm Zoo in Aklan Province. The movement of snakes and the weight of their bodies exert pressure on the human body similar to the pressure of minced meat.

Non-traditional bone marrow takes about ten minutes and costs a total of about one hundred and twenty kroner. I think that was the main challenge for my head, because it was really scary to get arrested. But when they told me to relax, I took a deep breath and tried to relax completely. That helped me a lot. If you are not afraid of snakes, I recommend it one hundred percent.

The strong woman said that snakes are safe, as long as you don’t hurt them yourself. I would recommend to tourists just to relax. Don’t be nervous, the snakes will recognize it, he warns.

The snakes are safe as they age from a toddler to zoo owner Ramon Dio. And the victim lulls the snare by the fact that each time he is assisted by a trained rescuer, who intervenes in case the snake gets out of control. We explain to the tourists not to blow on the snakes and to be silent. So we don’t allow them to be in the cities where you work, Ramon adds.

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