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Virtual Reality: Quebec gives $ 8 million to Félix & Paul Space Photography Studios

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These studios, which specialize in producing short and feature films in virtual reality, have in recent years developed a rich experience that has allowed them to collaborate with world-renowned organizations and personalities, such as NASA, SpaceX, President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton.

Quebec’s financial support will allow Félix & Paul Studios to develop a new camera for taking photos outside the International Space Station (ISS).

It would also allow the company to adapt its current cameras to capture images of the moon during a future mission in 2024.

The project is valued at $ 38.6 million, and the project will be implemented in cooperation with NASA, the International Space Station, the US National Laboratory and the Canadian Space Agency.

Paul Raphaël and Félix Lajeunesse, founders of Félix & Paul Studios

Photo: Felix & Paul Studios

There are a few companies with access to such a great stadium as Félix & Paul. The trust that NASA places in this Montreal company confirms the high efficiency of the team and the ability to innovate which is what we honor.Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre FitzGibbon, mentioned, at a press conference on Friday.

To help the company, Investissement Québec granted it a $ 8 million loan. Part of the loan is payable, with interest, and the minister refuses to reveal the number, and the other part is transferable. That is, it can be converted into shares in the future or redeemed, depending on the details provided by Mr. Fitzgibbon.

Eight new jobs specializing in audiovisual technology development will be created, in addition to the 60 jobs currently in immersive content development, which will be merged. About 30 contractual jobs will be added to this during the construction phase.

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